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Glen Brooks


Glen is our fearless leader and Allied’s biggest cheerleader. Whether it's members of our team or the innovators of the world, helping people live out their dreams is why he comes to work in the morning.

His idea of a real vacation is throwing a backpack on and touring 4-5 countries for a month, living in hostels, eating street meat, learning true culture. On the weekends you can likely find him camping with an ice-cold beer in his hand or rocking out to a live show-- music is life.


Desmond Peddle

General Manager

Des’ passion at work is solving problems. A passion that is overshadowed only by his love for his stapler.

Some say he’s a wizard with Excel, and considering his love for Lord of the Rings, wizard is fitting. His favourite thing about metal is that it's hard to break, and easy to fix. Perhaps that's why pumping iron has been a staple for him for most of his life and is something he says he could not live without.


Selina Kirton

Business Admin Manager

Selina’s life is basically one big cat meme with T-Swift playing in the background.

Her biggest passion with work is writing and coming up with kickass ideas for new content. She loves research and jumps at any opportunity there is to learn new things.

Outside of work and when she’s taking the occasional break from Insta (or TikTok...),  you can likely find her reading a good horror novel or hiking up a mountain.


Vernon Ditto

Production Manager

Vern is dad to one human, six dogs, a garden full of vegetables, and nearly 20 team members on the shop floor. He takes pride in what we do and holds our products, services, and team to a high standard.

The same can be said for how he manages his garden, where he’s grown some of the hottest peppers known to man, which he’s tried to kill us all with on more than one occasion. He is no longer allowed to share.


Sid E.

Designer & Estimator

Meet Sid, the creative dynamo. With an eye for detail and a passion for bringing sketches to life, he's the go-to guy for solving problems, and simplifying designs for manufacturing. Sid's expertise includes estimating, where he strives to be the most competitive in his quotes, and management of the Allied programming team.

When Sid isn't working, he is designing timepieces or pushing his limits at the gym.


Beth McNicol

Lead Sprayer

Beth is the leader of our finishing department, a gifted powder coater who recognizes the importance of turning out quality work, and a devoted trainer. 

She always keeps the mood light, the radio blasting, and you can be sure to see her leading a flash mob if Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas ever comes on. She’s mildly passionate about baking in the winter and loves spending time with her dog outside in the summer.


Kevin Steinhauer


Kevin is Allied’s programmer and our king of dad jokes. He thinks of metal like a universal building block, and its similarity to Lego is likely responsible for his ability to quickly come up with solutions for non-traditional part parameters and bends. 

When he’s working you can usually hear him jamming in his office to Van Halen, INXS, or Johnny Cash. (And sometimes Iggy Azalea when he thinks no one is listening.)


Naaron Hunt


If you ask Naaron, he’ll tell you his biggest pet peeve is drivers looking at an accident on the road, but we know it’s actually when people call him Aaron. With an adventurous spirit, there’s nothing he’d rather be doing than kayaking around a lake in the summer or hitting the slopes in the winter.

His biggest passion for metal is the ability to form it into almost anything, and he likes the fact that there isn’t much we can’t do with it for our customers.