Are you looking for a sheet metal Calgary or sheet metal Alberta company? Then look to Allied Metal. We are a company with a history of excellence and reliability. We began as a sheet metal Calgary company in the 1960s when our founder, Edward Ireland, built our company on strong values of customer support and quality. Since then, we have created a long history of excellent precision sheet metal work throughout Western Canada. We have completed more precision sheet metal Alberta projectsthan we can count.

You may be wondering if our history is the only reason you should choose Allied metal. There are actually many reasons for you to choose us. Not only do we complete highly customized precision sheet metal projects, we do so for the lowest cost possible and within a short time period. Our top-quality precision metal fabrication equipment makes us the efficient choice. For example, the Amada 400W Flying Optics Laser can make the most intricate cuts into your metal to create a truly custom result.

We also have an exceptional precision metal fabrication space. Our spacious shop floor is big enough to hold all of our highly technical precision sheet metal equipment. Within our shop space, we can complete any project run, whether it is small, large, or any size between. Once your project is complete, we can ship all over North America. And don't forget, we have superior customer service to ensure that your project gets done right the first time.

So if you are looking for a sheet metal Calgary or sheet metal Alberta company, look no further. Allied metal is the perfect option for you. Contact us at 403-291-3511. We would love to talk to you about your precision metal fabrication needs!